Abortion in Oklahoma

5,000 babies are murdered every year in “Pro-Life” Oklahoma.

225,500 Oklahoma babies have been murdered by abortion since the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.

15-20 babies are taken away to death every business day inside one Oklahoma’s 5 Free-Standing Abortion “Clinics” (child-sacrifice centers).

Contrary to popular belief, the Oklahoma legislature has the ability to enact measures that would protect every pre-born human being from being murdered by abortion. Our legislature is more than capable of establishing justice for the pre-born.  All they have to do is write and approve a bill that defines abortion as murder and removes the exemption for abortion from our current homicide laws. This would establish justice and equality for all human beings living within our state.

Prior to Joseph Silk’s Bills calling for Total and Immediate Abolition, no such bill had been forthcoming from the legislature of the State of Oklahoma. Our legislature can Abolish Abortion, they just choose not to. They choose instead to regulate abortion in the place of criminalizing it. But legislators should not be in the business of regulating Murder. It is their duty to pass laws to protect the innocent and punish the evil doer. And that is exactly what SB13 does!

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