The people of Oklahoma murder 6,000 babies every year while the prolife politicians we’ve elected to protect them attempt to regulate the practice of child sacrifice as if it were healthcare instead of addressing it as murder. The governing authorities of our state possess the moral, legal, and constitutional duty to establish justice for all human beings within their jurisdiction, including the preborn fatherless by prohibiting the slaughter of children in the womb. Contrary to widespread misinformation, the right to murder humans is not protected by the Constitution and our legislature is not bound by any law or duty to aid or abet the Supreme Court in their attempted perversion of it. On the contrary, they are duty bound by their oaths to support, obey, and defend the United States Constitution and oppose such perversions and abuses of it. We demand that our legislators stop passing laws to regulate abortion. We demand the total and immediate abolition of human abortion.

The Truth About Oklahoma Pro-Life Legislators

“Pro-Life” Laws That Are Really Pro-Choice

Oklahoma has enacted dozens of supposedly pro-life laws, every single one of which affirms a woman’s right to choose to kill her child.

These regulatory laws seem good on the surface, attacking everything from the width of the abortion clinic’s hallways to the amount of time one must wait before deciding to execute her son or daughter. But these laws, far from fighting the practice of child sacrifice, actually strengthen it.
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A Call to Abandon Pro-Life Compromise

It’s not that they can’t… they just won’t

Contrary to popular belief, the legislature has the ability to enact measures that would protect every pre-born human being from victimization by abortion. The legislature is more than capable of establishing justice for the pre-born.  All they have to do is write and approve a bill that defines abortion as murder and include no exceptions. They may also issue such a bill as a legislative referendum that would amend the State Constitution by a vote of the people. Yet, in the 43 years since Roe v. Wade, no such bill has been forthcoming from the legislature of the State of Oklahoma.

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Does Oklahomans for Life Really Oppose the Bill to Abolish Abortion?

“Some would say that we are fools for putting forward a measure to abolish abortion. After all, they say, if abolition were possible, the pro-life legislature of Oklahoma would have done it already. They tell us that they cannot establish justice for the pre-born because the Supreme Court will strike down any such measure. Maybe it will.

But the Supreme Court is not the supreme law of the land. When it makes unjust rulings and writes oppression into the law, it must be challenged!

Contrary to popular opinion, the right to murder humans is not protected in the Constitution. If it were, the Constitution would be unjust and evil and it would be the duty of the people and their magistrates to alter or abolish it! But there is not a single line in the Constitution that says or even implies that it is acceptable to rip the little arms and legs off of pre-born human beings or slice their throats, or dismember them with scraping tools or vacuum aspirators. Not one line or phrase of the Constitution supports the idea that mothers and fathers have the right to poison, burn, discard, freeze, or asphyxiate their babies. It’s just not in there. In fact, the Constitution states that no person shall be deprived of his life without due process of law.

A measure to abolish abortion is in no way repugnant to the United States Constitution. Rather it is entirely consistent with the Constitution.

However, the Supreme Court rulings in Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) ARE repugnant to the Constitution, and to Almighty God.

The Supreme Court may attempt to pervert the Constitution and issue this or that opinion, but our legislature is not bound by any law or duty to aid or abet them. On the contrary, its members are duty-bound by their oaths to support, obey, and defend the United States Constitution and oppose any such attempted perversion or unjust decree.

We Are Looking For Pro-LIfe Legislators to Become Abolitionists

What Would Repentance Look Like?