How You Can Help Support SB13

1. Contact your Legislators.

Frequently, and in multiple ways (email, phone, set up meetings in person).
Not just to annoy them, but to seriously encourage and exhort them to support SB13. Remind them of their oaths to obey and defend the US and Oklahoma Constitutions, which say, “”

If they claim to be Christians remind them that they are to love their neighbors as themselves (including the littlest and least of their neighbors), establish justice for the fatherless (Isaiah 1:16-17; Amos 5), and be men and women of action and not just words (James 4:17).

Tell your legislator that it’s not enough to claim the name of Pro-Life any m0re. That they must move beyond the possession of a moral opinion and take action.Let them know that they will not be able to remain in office as “pro-lifers,” but that they need to become Abolitionists and Support SB13.

You can easily find your legislators here. Just type in your address and you will get their name and all the info you need.

We are asking all Oklahomans to start with contacting Senate leader Greg Treat, President Pro Tem of the Senate. Greg Treat has the authority to bring SB13 to a vote on the Senate floor or kill it by assigning it to a committee and instructing them not to pass it to the floor behind closed doors. Read more about the need to contact Treat in our our current Urgent Action Report.

 2. Current URGENT Action!

In order to save face and retain his “pro-life” credentials, Sen. Greg Treat has proposed a new pro-life anti-Abolition bill: Senate Bill 195.

SB195 is a so-called “trigger bill” which states that in the event that Roe v Wade is overturned, Oklahoma will THEN abolish abortion.

SB195 is a poor substitute for SB13 in that it will never go into effect until after some state passes a bill like SB13 and the Supreme Court upholds it as constitutional. This bill is designed to be a substitute for doing whats right. It is designed to delay abolition. Thousands and Thousands of babies will be murdered because of Treat’s decision to back SB195 instead of SB13.

Treat is rejecting the opportunity to be a William Wilberforce for preborn babies in Oklahoma. He is determined to oppose abolition and to continue playing pro-life politics as usual.

Shame on him!


Subject line: “SB195 is a poor substitute for SB13” or “SB195 is cowardly” or “SB195 is weak” etc

You can watch Treat put forward SB195 as a substitute for SB13 in this painfully pathetic press conference:

Sen Treat has continued to deceive the people of Oklahoma about what he is currently doing to prevent the abolition of abortion in our state. Though he claims to be an “anti-abortion” conservative evangelical Christian who got into politics in order to fight abortion, right now, Sen. Treat is the primary person keeping abortion from being abolished in Oklahoma. 5,000 babies will be butchered in Oklahoma because he has chosen to delay justice and deny SB13.

Senator Jason Smalley is still stalling while he has the right and power to move SB13 along in committee. He wants Oklahomans to believe that he is “out of time” to hear the bill, while he actually has until Feb 28th to allow it to be heard and passed in committee. It is time to put this lie to rest and call Senator Smalley to the carpet for his attempts to kill the bill.

Sen. Smalley and Sen. Treat are also spreading a number of myths about SB13 in order to justify their rejection of abolition. Watch our video answering their objections and obfuscations.

4. Sign the Pledge to Support SB13 on our Home Page.

We are mobilizing supporters every day. We need to be able to contact you.

3. Spread the word about SB13 everywhere, and in every way you can.

-Share SB13 memes and links on Social Media (Use these hashtags: #SB13 #AbolishAbortionOK #IStandWithSilk #FreeTheState)

-Bring up SB13 at Work around the Water cooler, at Family Gatherings, on social media, by email, by phone. Talk to people of influence. Convince them to use their influence to help Abolish Abortion in Oklahoma. This is a grassroots movement depending on passionate people and their word of mouth.

-Talk to your Sunday school Class, Book Club, or any other gathering you attend.

-Get people to this website!  Before moving on from this page or your screen, Email all of your Oklahoma contacts. Send them something short and simple like this:

Hi Friend,

A bill calling for the total and immediate abolition of abortion as murder has been filed in the Oklahoman Senate (author Sen. Joseph Silk) and your support and engagement is important to insure that it is voted on and passed. Check out the Website: too read the bill and learn more about what you can do to help save lives in Oklahoma and further the cause of abolition across the states!

-Sign your name

PS: There is a big rally to support Senate Bill 13 on February 12th at the Oklahoma State Capitol. You need to be there in the flesh to show the Senate that Oklahoman’s are serious about ending abortion now! The Rally starts at 10am and it is open to all. Please come and bring your, family, friends, and any one else you know willing to stand up for justice and mercy. If you are on Facebook, you can RSVP for the Rally here.

Post or send this video to someone right NOW:

4. HELP US promote this site to every Oklahoman.

Donate Now to the Free The States Action fund. Join Free The States!

Free the States is organizing the lobbying effort to ensure is heard by the Oklahoma legislature and makes it to the Governor’s desk to be signed. We are relying on donations from everyday people to help us carry the financial costs of this campaign. PLEASE make a donation of any amount right now to help us promote SB13 to every living soul in Oklahoma.
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