Urgent Action Alert!!!

Beware – Oklahoma Legislators May use these “pro-life” Bills to excuse not supporting SB13

Every year pro-life establishment politicians play a game in which they advance several bills which they and certain lobby groups have labeled “pro-life.”  The bills are designed to look good and sound compassionate, but they actually do nothing to establish justice and stop the shedding of innocent blood.  Many of them even delay and hinder the goal of abolishing abortion.  We call this type of bill “Pink Puff and Piffle.”

Given the choice of a controversial bill to criminalize abortion, or a non-controversial, do-nothing pro-life bill, legislators tend to choose the Pink Puff and Piffle.  Essentially, they trade meaningless victories for votes, and while the game goes on, abortion stays legal and the slaughter of innocent children continues.  This is why the Pink Puff and Piffle of the pro-life movement is often the enemy of what is needed and necessary.

We are not saying that your legislators would be bad people for voting in favor of certain of these measures, but if they choose to vote for any of these while withholding support or voting against SB13, then the charge of “lying hypocrite” begins to look appropriate.  Here is our 2019 Oklahoma Pro-Life Legislative Review:

HB1396Bans sex-selection abortion by Rep. Tammy Townley

Key Language:  “No person shall knowingly or recklessly perform or attempt to perform an abortion after the sex of the unborn child has been determined…”

Problems:  The bill includes the legal loophole of the word “knowingly,” and it is completely unenforceable.  It implicitly condones state-sanctioned murder and discriminates by not providing equal protection of the law to thousands of other preborn humans.

SB327 – Reports compliance infractions by Sen. Rob Standridge

Key Language:  “The State Department of Health shall maintain on its website a list of all infractions discovered through investigations and inspections…”

Problem:  This would do nothing more than shame abortion providers for not murdering babies in perfect compliance with state law.

SB195 – “Personhood Act” by Sen. Dave Rader

Key Language:  “The Oklahoma Legislature finds that: 1. The life of each human being begins at conception; 2. Unborn children have protectable interests in life, health, and well-being…”

Problems:  The “Act” enacts nothing.  It simply repeats concepts already occurring in the Oklahoma Constitution and statutes.  It is completely symbolic and will likely become a hiding place for “pro-life” politicians too scared to support SB13.

SB614 – a Sign of the times by Sen. Julie Daniels

Key Language:  Abortion facilities must post a sign which reads, “…It may be possible to avoid, cease or even to reverse the intended effects of a chemical abortion…”  “The sign…shall be printed with lettering that…shall be at least three-fourths (3/4) of an inch…”  “The Department [of Health] shall develop and maintain a stable Internet website to provide the information…”

Problem:  This pro-choice bill in disguise attempts to advise the mother that chemical abortions are not always effective and that if her chemical abortion is unsuccessful, she will have another opportunity to excise her right to choose whether or not to murder her baby.  The new website might sarcastically be called “SecondChanceAbortion.GOV.”

HB2592 – Grants for “Choosing Childbirth Act” by Rep. Jon Echols & Rep. Sean Roberts

Key Language:  “There is hereby appropriated to the State Department of Health…the sum of Two Million Dollars…to make Choosing Childbirth Act grants…”

Problems:  It implicitly condones state-sanctioned murder.  It expends funds telling people that abortion is bad, rather than in direct defense of innocent preborn humans, which would be the proper function of state government.

HB1182 / SB867 – Revokes medical license by Rep. Jim Olsen & Sen. Nathan Dahm

Key Language:  “Any physician participating in the performance of an abortion shall be prohibited from obtaining or renewing a license to practice medicine in this state.”

Problems:  This bill alone does not establish justice, since revoking a license is not an adequate response to murder.  Also, can we reasonably argue that licenses should be revoked for performing legal, state-sanctioned and state-regulated medical procedures?  This proposal will not work without SB13.

The reason that all of the above bills fall short of establishing justice and fail to abolish abortion is because they are rooted in a secular humanistic pro-life ideology and not a biblical abolitionist ideology.  Study this graphic below to understand the primary differences between an Abolitionist and Pro-Life view, and how these differences affect legislation.

Tell them to support SB13 and that all of the other anti-abortion bills do not cut it. 

greg.treat@oksenate.gov , kim.david@oksenate.gov , stephanie.bice@oksenate.gov , frank.simpson@oksenate.gov , rob.standridge@oksenate.gov , julie.daniels@oksenate.gov , casey.murdock@oksenate.gov , marty.quinn@oksenate.gov , jason.smalley@oksenate.gov , dave.rader@oksenate.gov , darcy.jech@oksenate.gov , kay.floyd@oksenate.gov , mark.allen@oksenate.gov , micheal.bergstrom@oksenate.gov , larry.boggs@oksenate.gov , mary.boren@oksenate.gov , micheal.brooks@oksenate.gov , david.bullard@oksenate.gov , bill.coleman@oksenate.gov , nathan.dahm@oksenate.gov , jj.dossett@oksenate.gov , tom.dugger@oksenate.gov , chuck.hall@oksenate.gov , john.haste@oksenate.gov , carri.hicks@oksenate.gov , brent.howard@oksenate.gov , allison.ikley-freeman@oksenate.gov , chris.kidd@oksenate.gov , julia.kirt@oksenate.gov , james.leewright@oksenate.gov , kevin.matthews@oksenate.gov , greg.mccortney@oksenate.gov , john.montgomery@oksenate.gov , joe.newhouse@oksenate.gov , lonnie.paxton@oksenate.gov , roland.pederson@oksenate.gov , dewayne.pemberton@oksenate.gov adam.pugh@oksenate.gov , paul.scott@oksenate.gov , ron.sharp@oksenate.gov , wayne.shaw@oksenate.gov , joseph.silk@oksenate.gov , gray.stanislawski@oksenate.gov , brenda.stanley@oksenate.gov , roger.thompson@oksenate.gov , darrell.weaver@oksenate.gov , george.young@oksenate.gov

Copy and paste all of these email addresses into your bcc address box when you compose your emails. Send current emails to Jason Smalley at Smalley@OKSenate.gov and bcc the rest of the legislature.

For the next few days PLEASE call and email the leader of the Senate Greg Treat every day! (405-521-5632; treat@oksenate.gov) He has the power to help abolish abortion in Oklahoma or to ignore SB13 and keep it legal. Let Greg Treat know that you understand the legislative process and the power he possess to help or kill bills.

Ask Greg Treat to be a William Wilberforce for the campaign to abolish abortion in Oklahoma!

If Greg Treat wants the bill to be voted on, he can bring it to the floor himself without a committee’s approval. Tell Treat that you want him to ensure that SB13 makes it out of committee and that if it does not that you understand that he has the power to bring it to the floor for a vote himself. But Treat is starting to work against SB13. Ask Treat to explain why he allowed SB13, a bill protecting all human beings from murder, to be sent to not one but TWO committees, including the Appropriations Committee where, as Senators frequently note, “bills are sent to die.”

If Treat wants the bill to pass, it will likely pass. If Treat wants Abortion to remain legal, he will make sure that SB13 never goes to a vote and gets stuck in committee. This is a game that compromised politicians play with their supporters.

We do not know whether Treat is playing this game for sure, but we can report that:
1) He is doing nothing to support SB13
2) He has sent SB13 to two committees instead of one
3) One of those committees is inappropriate and possibly a means to bury the bill so he does not have to stand up for justice and lead the senate to protect the right to life.

Again, Treat could get behind SB13 and even co-sponsor the bill himself. Let him know that a future excuse that his “hands were tied” and that the bill just didn’t make it through the process is a wicked lie. Treat can be a champion for abolition (like William Wilberforce was in Britain during the campaign to abolish the slave trade) or he can go down in history as the man who kept abortion legal in Oklahoma.

Contact Treat by email: treat@oksenate.gov and by Phone 405-521-5632

Treat has a majority of “pro-lifers” in the senate who have all told their supporters that they oppose abortion. Here is his chance. Let Treat know that you are watching, that you vote, and that you will not support any “pro-life” politician in the future who does not support the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act.

Other Helpful Folks to Contact:

-House Speaker Charles Mccall. He has the same power as Greg Treat does except over the House. Urge him to support SB13 when it gets to the House or, better yet, to author an identical bill himself in the House. Charles.Mccall@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7412

-Governor Kevin Stitt. He can use his executive power to make it very difficult for any other bills to pass until SB13 is on his desk to sign. Urge him to get the career politicians in check on the issue of life and demand that they get SB13 on his desk to sign immediately.

-Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair Jason Smalley. He is the head of one of the two committees. Urge him to push the committee to pass SB13 without amendment. smalley@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5547

-Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Roger Thompson. He is the head of the inappropriate committee for this bill. Urge him to not play along with any games from Treat and push the committee to pass SB13 without amendment. thompson@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5588

Over the next few days PLEASE call and email ALL of these legislators! They have the power to help abolish abortion in Oklahoma or to ignore SB13 and keep it legal.

Remind them that there is no other bill more important than SB13 and the excuse that they ‘just couldn’t get to it this session,” won’t fly.

Tell them to hear and vote for Senate Bill 13! Tell them that that the blood of innocent children will be on their hands and that you will do everything in your power to make sure they are known as Anti-Abolitionists and fail to regain their seats in the legislature if they do not pass SB13 out of committee and hear it on the floor.

Senate Committee Members

Health and Human Services

Sen. Jason Smalley, Chair smalley@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5547
Sen. Greg McCortney, Vice Chair mccortney@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5541
Sen. Bill Coleman (405) 521-5581
Sen. Julie Daniels daniels@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5634
Sen. Carri Hicks (405) 521-5543
Sen. Allison Ikley-Freeman (405) 521-5600
Sen. Adam Pugh pugh@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5622
Sen. Paul Rosino (405) 521-5618
Sen. Paul Scott paul.scott@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5522
Sen. Joseph Silk silk@oksenate.gov 405.521.5614
Sen. Frank Simpson simpson@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5607
Sen. Rob Standridge standridge@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5535
Sen. George Young (405) 521-5531


Sen. Roger Thompson, Chair thompson@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5588
Sen. Dave Rader, Vice Chair rader@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5620
Sen. Stephanie Bice bice@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5592
Sen. Chuck Hall (405) 521-5628
Sen. Frank Simpson simpson@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5607
Sen. Paul Rosino (405) 521-5618
Sen. Adam Pugh pugh@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5622
Sen. Julie Daniels daniels@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5634
Sen. Gary Stanislawski stanislawski@oksenate.gov 405.521.5624
Sen. John Michael Montgomery (405) 521-5567
Sen. Tom Dugger dugger@oksenate.gov 405.521.5572
Sen. Paul Scott paul.scott@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5522
Sen. Darcy Jech jech@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5545
Sen. Wayne Shaw shaw@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5574
Sen. Dewayne Pemberton pemberton@oksenate.gov (405) 521-5533
Sen. Chris Kidd kidd@oksenate.gov 405.521.5563